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Handling a hamster

If hamsters are handled regularly and gently from an early age, they will become very tame. They are often asleep during the day and should not be prodded or startled, because they may respond by biting. A hamster should be picked up in a cupped hand, taking care to hold the animal securely but not too tightly. Start by gently stroking your hamster when it comes out for food. In time, you can train your pet to respond to a gently tapping noise that announces that a tasty tidbit is being offered. Your hamster can also learn to nibble food from your finger, and then sit in the palm of your hand. Once a hamster gets used to being handled, it can be picked up and restrained by grasping the loose skin at the back of the neck with thumb and finger. Be careful, though hamsters have a tremendous amount of loose skin and can easily turn and nip you, unless you have a firm grip on a very generous piece of scruff.

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